Bike Hire

Bike Hire

Do you love outdoorsport and preferably with a bike? Hire a mountainbike for a full day of adventures is the woods and fields. A challenge you can do alone or with friends!

How can I hire a mountainbike and what does it cost?

You can hire a mountainbike starting your tour at the Shelter or at another location.

Maximum time to hire a mountainbike is 6 hours. Pick-up and drop-off happen at arranged times. We set up pick-up and drop-off times beforehand.

If you choose to start your tour at The Shelter it is possible to park your car on our parking and you can use our facilities before and after your tour (maximum 30 minutes).*

If you choose to start your tour at an other location you must organise transportation from and to this location yourself OR we can transport the bike to a certain location for a transportation fee.* We do not rent out trailers!

We always rent out our mountainbikes with a helmet and a repair-kit. The bikes are fitted with regular pedals but you can bring clipless pedals and install them before departure.

Price per Mountainbike: € 23,00

Where can I find a trail?

If you want to find trails near The Shelter you can take a look at different trails via this link.
For the trails in our area, zoom in on Leuven, Overijse, Oud-Heverlee and Bertem.

When hiring a mountainbike you can also hire a GPS device. The renting price includes standard trails on the GPS-device, the GPS-holder for your handlebar and batteries.

Price per GPS: € 9,00

*Attention: In case of heavy rain periods with muddy terrain, the hire of mountainbikes isn't possible - Changing rooms not available due to COVID-19 measures - We're closed on Monday during School holidays

Bike Hire

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