Register your son or daughter via this registration form. Immediately after registration you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the payment details for the execution of the transfer of the registration fee. We must receive this transfer no later than 5 days after completing the form!

As soon as we have received the payment (within 5 days after registration), your son or daughter is officially registered for the camp(s).


  • If you have registered your son or daughter for multiple camps, the total amount must be transferred of the camps for which you registered him or her. 
  • Do you register multiple children? Then you can make the payment in one transfer. In that case, clearly state the names of the children. 
  • Are you registering your son or daughter for multiple camps during the 2021 summer vacation? Then you will receive € 10,00 discount on each registration for each additional camp (only valid for the same child who is registered for several camps during the period July - August 2021) EXAMPLE: You register your son for Pirates of the Dyle and MTB for Kids Basecamp = € 145,00 + € 145,00 instead of € 155,00 (MTB for Kids is the second camp which means you receive € 10,00 discount). So you transfer a total of € 290,00 to our account.

 If you have not received confirmation within 24 hours, we advise you to contact us directly via or 016 48 75 71. 

You will receive the PRACTICAL INFORMATION and the PROGRAM of the camp by e-mail a month before the start of the camp. 

More information about canceling a registration or insurance? You can find this in our

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