Buiding & Trip by raft + Party

Buiding & Trip by raft + Party

General information

General information

It is possible to enjoy a party at The Shelter during your birthday party. The ideal party combination of adventurous activities and delicacies!

OPTION 1: Building & Trip raft + Party-Package

The party-package includes a variety of healthy, sweet and salty snacks, still and sparkling water and a pie or cake. The table and surroundings are decorated with decorations, streamers and balloons.

For the pie or cake you can choose from the following options:*

  • Chocolate cake 
  • Vanilla cake (nature) 
  • Apple pie 
  • Cherry pie  
  • Smurf pie 

* Mention the choice of pie/cake when making the reservation!

Extra drinks can be ordered at our bar and must be paid in cash, by Bancontact or Payconiq on the spot.  

ATTENTION: Bringing your own drinks is not permitted!

OPTION 2: Building & Trip raft + Drinks

It is possible, in combination with an activity, to have your party take place at our location if you purchase the drinks from our bar.

We reserve a table (in- or outdoors) for the group.The drinks must be paid in cash, by Bancontact or Payconiq on the spot. 

In combination with a drink from the cafe you can bring your own cake/pie and (cold) snacks. We don't allow elektric cooking equipment or other heating devices (like a gasfire). Only cold snacks like sandwiches or other are allowed on our location during a birthday party.

Note: Please forsee your own serving material (plates, cutlery, cake server, etc.)!

When can I plan this party?

This party-package is only possible in combination for a birthday party with the Building & Trip by raft organized by The Shelter during the opening hours of the Café & Terrace: 

  • During Summer holidays (1 July to 31 August 2021) on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday
  • On Wednesday or during weekends on Saturday

Schedule with starting time 10h30: 

10h30 - 11h30: Building of rafts

11h30 - 12h30: Party + getting ready

12h30 - 15h: Trip down the Dyle by raft

15h: Return from endpoint

Schedule with starting time 13h30: 

13h30 - 14h30: Building of rafts 

14h30 - 15h30: Party + getting ready

15h30 - 18h: Trip down the Dyle by raft

18h: Return from endpoint


What does this party cost?

OPTION 1: Building & Trip by raft + Party-Package

Price per participant: € 8,00*

*Price per person for the building & trip by raft + extra drinks not included! + Adults not included in Party-Package!

OPTION 2: Building & Trip by raft + Drink

Price per drink: Check menu café*

*Price per person for the building & trip by raft not included!

Buiding & Trip by raft + Party

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