Canoe from Zichem to Aarschot(Demer) - SY

Canoe from Zichem to Aarschot(Demer) - SY

General information

General information

Enjoy a day trip on the water in the beautiful surroundings of the Demer valley. The trip starts in Zichem and ends in Aarschot.

DEPARTURE POINT: Father Richard van de Wauwerstraat, 3271 Zichem (the parking lot opposite the church of Zichem)

END POINT: Demervallei 8, 3200 Aarschot (at the De Demervallei sports hall)

You can trip down river per three-seat canoe for a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 3 participants. The trip takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes and is approximately 14 kilometers. (minimum age 6 years)

How do I return?

Returning from Aarschot to Zichem is possible with your own transport or public transport. It is certainly not mandatory to return, you can go your own way from the end point.

With own transport:

After departure, it is possible to return to Zichem with your own transport or to go directly to your own destination. You can park your vehicle near the end point.

With public transport:

After departure, it is possible to return to Zichem by public transport.

Train to Hasselt: Aarschot Station (15 minutes on foot) until Zichem Station takes approximately 14 minutes. After this another 11 minutes’ walk to the church of Zichem from the station.

Bus 36 direction Scherpenheuvel: Walk 150 meters to the bus stop Aarschot Demervallei and take the bus to the Zichem Kerk stop (takes about 30 minutes)

When can I plan this activity?

Individual or groups of 20 participants:

Join a group with more than 20 participants.

Groups with more than 20 participants:

During the weekend or during the week with free choice for the starting time. *

* ATTENTION: This activity must be reserved at least 48 hours in advance!


Trip down river per canoe from Zichem to Aarschot

  • Price per participant starting at 20 participants € 17,00
  • groups of 50 people and more: € 16,00

Per 10 participating children / youngsters (-18 years old) a supervisor can participate in the activity for free! (eg 30 members = 3 supervisors free)

Practical information

Practical information

Click here  for the practical information

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