Kickbike trip - S

Kickbike trip - S

General information

General information

The Kickbike tour is a challenging and sportive activity in the valley of the Dyle and the woods of Meerdaalwoud.

START & END LOCATION: The Shelter, Stationsstraat 13, 3060 Korbeek-Dijle

The trip by Kickbike, a large scooter/step with a large front wheel and a small rear wheel, takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes and follows a beautiful and natural route. Everybody gets a Kickbike and a helmet.

You can do the trip with a GPS-device or accompanied by one of our instructors.(minimum age 10 years old)

When can I plan this activity?

Groups under 10 people:

During weekdays (monday - friday) with a starting hour of your choosing.*

In this case a fixed price will be counted for the organisation for this trip.

Groups over 10 people:

It is possible to book this activity during the week (monday - friday) with starting hour of your choosing.*

*ATTENTION: this activity must be booked at least 48 hours in advance! 


What does this activity cost?

Kickbike trip with GPS-device: 

  • Price per group (< 10 people): € 130,00
  • Price per person: € 13,00

Kickbike trip with guide: 

  • Price per group (< 10 people): € 170,00
  • Price per person: € 17,00

- Maximum 30 participants for this activity - 

Per 10 students one accompanying teacher can participate for free (ex. 20 students = 2 accompanying teachers for free).

Practical information

What else do I need to know and bring for this activity?

Kickbike trip - S

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