Survival Camp

Survival Camp

Looking for an adventurous camp for your son or daughter? Something they have never done before but would still like to discover? A camp where you get the basics of survival? Do activities like building and staying in camps, outdoor cooking, orienting, sneaking, camouflage and raft-building get you son or daughter excited? Maybe this is the camp that will change their lives!

They can participate in the fourth edition of the Survival Camp for youngsters age 12 to 16 at The Shelter!


When will this camp take place?
  • Dates 2020 will be available soon!

How are they organized and what is the cost price?

This camp is organised during the day from Monday untill Friday. We start the day at 9AM and end the day at 4PM. There is FREE before and after care for kids between 8AM - 9AM and 4PM - 5PM.

Attention: the camp also takes place during official holidays!

There are three breaks during the day. In the morning and in the afternoon a 15 minute break and at noon a 1 hour lunch break. The kids have to bring their own lunch-packages with snacks and drinks.

It is possible to buy drinks and little snacks at The Shelter. In the morning you can by drinking-cards which allow the kids to choose a drink or a snack.

Price for a week: € 180,00 per participant

Register your son or daughter for multiple camps during the summer months 2020 and get a € 10,00 discount on every additional camp.*

*Attention: Only valid for the same child who is registered for several camps during the period July- August 2020.

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