MTB Track challenge

MTB Track challenge

Looking for a challenge? 

You are already an experienced driver, but you want to sharpen your techniques? Discover our MTB Track Challenge Weekends at home and abroad!
 During the trips we take the necessary time to find the right lines on the technical parts and to practice the techniques to be used. These tours are the appropriate preparation for the real thing.

 What does the program of this training look like? 

The training consists of several days that are always organized during an (extended) weekend. The weekend starts on the first day in the early evening (5 pm) and ends the last day in the late afternoon (4 pm).
During 2 to 3 days we drive journeys at the location and we apply different techniques, adapted to the terrain and the environment.
We stay for 2 to 3 nights at the location. The accommodation depends on the location but is included in the price just like the meals (breakfast-lunch-dinner).

Where do these lessons go and who are they for? 

The training is given at various locations in the Netherlands and abroad. The following training courses for 2018 will take place in Luxembourg.
Our MTB Track Challenge is accessible to everyone from the age of 18. For experienced drivers who want to brush up and improve their driving techniques. You must have a good condition, a good sporting background and the necessary perseverance. The rides can be between 40 and 50 km long and contain more than 1000 positive altimeters.
In order to maintain the quality of the training, we limit the number of participants to a maximum of 12 people. Minimum number of participants is 5 people.
Electric mountain bikes are also welcome for this training! 

What does this training cost? 

Weekend 1: € 435.00 per person 

Weekend 2: € 295.00 per person 

This price includes the full training of 3 
(weekend 1) or 2 (weekend 2) days with guidance from a qualified instructor, overnight stays in hotel, technical support and meals (breakfast-lunch-dinner).
Transport to and from the location, mountain bike and equipment, snacks and (sports) drinks and drinks during meals are not included.
Upon registration you will receive an overview of the practical information and the complete program to get you well prepared for the weekend.
We also give you useful tips about material and nutrition and are of course available in case of doubts or questions. 

When will this training take place? 


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