MTB Track Challenge Scotland

MTB Track Challenge Scotland

Looking for a challenge? You are already an experienced mountainbiker but want to sharpen your techniques? Discover our MTB Track Challenge 7-day trip in Scotland!  

What does the program look like? 

From Friday the 19th of June until Saturday the 27th of June we'll travel to Scotland for a training of five days with six overnight stays on location and two overnight stays on the ferry.

We'll discover the unique trails of 5 of the 7 Stanes during the driest and warmest period of the year in Scotland!

During our first trainingday we'll focus on getting acquainted with the basic-trails and offer a technique-training to become familiar with the terrain.

We'll look bit by bit for more challenging trails on the second, third, fourth and fifth trainingsday in the other parks where the level of difficulty will increase slightly. The focus of these trainingdays we'll be on (learning) to ride the trails with applying the right techniques in a relaxed athmosphere at the pace of the group. 

We'll stay at a central-located hotel so we don't need to make long transfers to our traininglocations in the parks of 7 Stanes. The stay is based on a half-board stay.

For lunch we'll visit local restaurants near our trails where we can enjoy delicious local dishes.

The journey to and from Scotland will be by ferry between Zeebrugge and Hull with an overnight stay in cabins per four people with breakfast included. The journey and the local transport will be by minivan which means we don't depend on external transportation. 

Where will this training take place and who is it for? 

The training takes place in the parks of 7 Stanes in the vicinity of the city of Dumfries in Scotland. 

Our MTB Track Challenge is accessible to everyone from the age of 18. For experienced riders who want to brush up and improve their mountainbiking techniques. You must have a good physique, an athletique background and the necessary willpower. The rides can be between 30 and 50 km long and contain more than 1000 positive altimeters.

In order to maintain the quality of the training, we limit the number of participants to a maximum of 15 people. Minimum number of participants is 7 people. 

The group is guided by a qualified instructor of The Shelter.

For this training you need to bring a good (Enduro) mountainbike. The necessary protection is obligated during traning ((Enduro or Full-Face) helmet, knee- and elbow protection and a backpack or protectionvest).

Elektric mountainbikes (E-bikes) are welcome for this training and recommended! 

What is the price? 

Price per participant: € 1620,00

INCLUDED in this training: 

  • 5 DAYS OF TRAINING under supervision of a CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR
  • 6 OVERNIGHT STAYS in a hotel and 2 OVERNIGHT STAYS on the ferry
  • MEALS HALF-BOARD (breakfast & diner in hotel) 
  • JOURNEY BY FERRY (back & forth) with an overnight stay in a cabin included 
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT for bikes and ASSISTANCE for participants
  • TRANSPORT MOUNTAINBIKE between Belgium and Dumfries (back & forth)
  • INFOSESSION before the training for all participants on Thursday 04/06/2020 at 7PM

Not included: Mountainbike and gear, lunch, snacks and extra drinks

During the infosession you'll receive an overview of the practical information and the program to be well prepared to start the training. 

We'll also give you usefull tips about material and nutrition and will be available for any questions or doubts.

When will this training take place? 
  • Friday 19/06/2020 until Saturday 27/06/2020

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