Are you and your collegues looking for a fun teambuilding that should be active and adventurous? An activity where you can work together as a real team, forge links and get to know each other's strengths better? And also happens in the open air? Then you are definitely at the right place at The Shelter!

As an outdoorsports organization, we offer a range of activities that all offer this. Make it an unforgettable, fun and educational day with your collegues!

Custom-made Teambuilding

Would you like to organize a customized teambuilding of a full day or half day for your company? Choose from our range of activities below:


On the Dyle

  • CANOE from Korbeek-Dyle to Heverlee (more info)
  • BUILDING & TRIP BY RAFT from Korbeek-Dijle to Heverlee (more info
  • SUP from Korbeek-Dijle to Heverlee (more info)
  • VIKINGTRIP from Korbeek-Dijle to Heverlee (more info)
  • 10-SEAT CANOE from Korbeek-Dijle to Heverlee (at the moment not available) 
  • CANOE from Korbeek-Dijle to Leuven (more info)
  • CANOE from Heverlee to Leuven (more info)

On the Demer

  • CANOE from Diest to Langdorp (more info
  • CANOE from Zichem to Langdorp (more info
  • BUILDING & TRIP BY RAFT from Langdorp to Aarschot (more info)


Meetings at The Shelter

  • DEMERBROEKEN hall for 4-6 people (soon more info)
  • MEERDAALWOUD hall for 6-20 people (soon more info) 
  • DIJLEVALLEI hall for +20 people (soon more info)

Would you like to schedule a meeting before or after your activity? Or would you prefer to start with a delicious Breakfast or a Coffee & Tea Buffet? Maybe a glass of champagne after the teambuilding? It's possible!

Let us know your special wishes when booking an activity and we will provide a custom-made price offer!

Teambuilding at your location

Do you have a location available to organize an active teambuilding? We can also offer various activities on site! Contact us for the full range on location!


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