Party with drinks

Party with drinks

General information

General information

It is possible, in combination with an activity, to have your party take place at our location if you purchase the drinks from our bar.

We reserve a table (in- or outdoors) for the group before or after the activity (depending on the forseen schedule). The drinks must be paid in cash (no cards possible).

In combination with a drink from the cafe you can bring your own cake/pie and (cold) snacks. We don't allow elektric cooking equipment or other heating devices (like a gasfire). Only cold snacks like sandwiches or other are allowed on our location during a birthday party.

Note: Please forsee your own serving material (plates, cutlery, cake server, etc.)!

When can I plan this drink?

This drink is only possible in combination for a birthday party with an activity organized by The Shelter during the opening hours of the Café & Terrace.

If you would like a birthday party with a drink, please let us know in your reservation request via our website. 


What does this drink cost?

Price per drink: SEE THE MENU OF THE CAFÉ

ATTENTION: drinks can only be paid in cash on the spot (no cards possible!)

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