Party with Partypackage

Party with Partypackage

General information

General information

It is possible to get a party package at The Shelter during your birthday party. The ideal party combination of adventurous activities and delicacies!
The party package includes a variety of healthy, sweet and salty snacks, flat and sparkling water and a cake or cake. The table and surroundings around the table are decorated with table decorations, streamers and balloons.

For the cake or cake you can choose from the following options:

  • Chocolate cake 
  • Vanilla cake (nature) 
  • Apple pie 
  • Cherry pie  
  • Smurf pie 

    * Specify the choice of cake / cake when making the reservation in "Comments".
    Extra drinks can be ordered at our bar and must be paid in cash on site (no bank contact or visa possible). 

ATTENTION: Bringing your own drinks is not permitted! More information can be found here

When can i make a reservartion for this Package?

This package can only be reserved in combination for a birthday party with activity organized by The Shelter during the season (Easter holidays until the end of September). 

If you would like to have the party package with your birthday party during your activity, you can let us know when booking. Be sure to mention the choice of cake / cake when making the reservation in "Comments".


How luch does this Package cost?

€ 8,00 per participant.

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