Policy COVID-19

Policy COVID-19

We welcome you again for our activities! 

We need to implement a number of measures in our organization to protect the health of both participants and employees from the spread of COVID-19.

We hope that we can count on your cooperation so that we can create a safe environment for our employees and for you, our participants, to participate in our activities.

Below you will find all information about the measures and guidelines that must be followed to participate in our activities during the new season:

Policy COVID-19

General information and guidelines

Who can participate?


You can participate at a trip down the Dyle or Demer per canoe or SUP with a group of maximum of 4 people (from 13y) and maximum 10 kids (6y to 12y). The Building & Trip by raft can only be booked in family group (living together).

From the 26th of April 2021 it is allowed to participate with a group of maximum 10 people (from 13y) and maximum 10 kids (6y to 12y).

WITH SCHOOL: per class bubble

From the 15th of March 2021 schools can participate in our activities per class bubble on the condition that the announced new measures can be applied.


External camps and Youth Movements can participate in our activities during their camps per camp bubble. At the moment with a maximum of 25 kids (6 to 12 years old) with adult companions or a maximum of 10 youngsters (13 to 18 years old) with adult companions. 


From Monday 26th of April 2021 it's possible again to participate with 10 colleagues at outdoor activities. To guarantee the social distance we've limited our offer and don't offer any meals. This way we can offer a safe environement to enjoy your long awaited (postponed) teambuilding! 

More information about our activities per group can be found here.

Which guidelines do I need to follow?

  1. Social distance before, during and after the activity: the minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be respected by all participants. Before participating, consult the circulation plan of your activity so that you have an overview of the layout of the site.
  2. Hand hygiene before, during and after the activity: before and after the activity and before and after using the toilet, you should disinfect your hands with hand gel or wash them with soap and water. Also avoid unnecessary contact with objects: only touch what you need to participate in the activity!
  3. A mouth mask is obligated for every participant from 12 years old: in certain zones it is obligated to wear a mouth mask. These zones are clearly indicated on the circulation plan of your activity and on the site. If you do not have a mouth mask, you must purchase it on site for € 2.00 per mask.
  4. Keep your distance from our employees: our employees will continue to support you before and after the activity and are always there for questions or in case of problems. But they too must be able to perform their job in a safe manner. Keep the minimum distance of 1.5 meters and where that is not possible, wear your mouth mask.
  5. Personal items can't be left in The Shelter or, in the case of trips down the Dyle or Demer, taken in our car to the end point. Leave your equipment at home, in your car or take it with you during your activity. Note: Each person is responsible for their own material. Personal material will not be compensated for loss or damage before, during or after the activity.
  6. Our general rules and conditions stay valid for every activity unless communicated otherwise: these can be found on the page per activity, the practical information and the general conditions.

Each participant undertakes to adhere to the predefined guidelines before, during and after the activity. If not, a participant can be refused to participate.

The circulation plan of The Shelter

The circulation plan of each activity has been drawn up in such a way that the minimum distance of 1.5 meters is taken into account. In areas where this distance cannot be respected, both participants and employees are required to wear a mask.

Please note: we expect participants of activities to be present 30 minutes before the chosen departure time so that you can go through the entire circulation plan in a timely and safe manner. (e.g. chosen starting time 10h30 = present at 10h!)

View The Shelter's general circulation plan

You will receive more information about the circulation plan of the activity you have reserved after booking by e-mail.

Taken measures

To restart our operations, we have implemented the necessary measures in our operations to protect the health of both participants and employees from the spread of COVID-19. Below an overview:

  • We developed a full plan for the restart of our company, in which we included the measures and guidelines of the Security Council and applied them to the operation of our company.
  • For both participants and employees, circulation plans have been drawn up for our location in Korbeek-Dijle, the end point in Heverlee, Leuven and Wilsele, at the departure and arrival points on the Demer (Diest-Zichem-Langdorp-Aarschot-Betekom) and for activities on land, applying the social distance, mandatory-mask-zones and hand-cleaning-zones.
  • Our location in Korbeek-Dijle is divided into cleaning zones that are cleaned at least twice a day with suitable cleaning and disinfecting agents.
  • The above zones are sufficiently ventilated during the day by supplying natural air through windows and doors.
  • The materials used such as paddles, life jackets, canoes, mountainbikes, etc. are cleaned after each use with the appropriate cleaning and disinfecting agents.
  • All our employees are equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment to ensure the safety of both participants and colleagues.
  • A better spread has been created and a maximum number of participants per departure hour or activity has been determined to avoid group-gatherings.
  • General information about the measures and guidelines within The Shelter can be found on our website and is shared via our social media channels and the newsletter. After booking, participants receive detailed information about the progress of the reserved activity.
  • On our location in Korbeek-Dyle and at all the departure- and endlocations around the Dyle and Demer the necessary instruction panels and collective protection appliances are applied. 

The above measures also apply for the implementation of our youthcamps, MTB Experience courses and the Café & Terrace.

Cancellation due to COVID-19

What if the booked activity can't take place due to COVID-19 measures?

In case an activity can't take place on the forseen date due to COVID-19 measures, you'll receive a voucher for the value of the paid amount which you can use to rebook the activity to another date or to choose another activity from our offer for the voucher amount. The voucher can be used to a maximum of one year after the original reservation date.

Policy COVID-19

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