Kickbike tour + Party

General information

General information

The Kickbike tour is a challenging and sportive activity in the valley of the Dyle and the woods of Meerdaalwoud.

START & END LOCATION: The Shelter, Stationsstraat 13, 3060 Korbeek-Dijle

The trip by Kickbike, a large scooter/step with a large front wheel and a small rear wheel, takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes and follows a beautiful and natural route. Everybody gets a Kickbike and a helmet.

You can do the trip with a GPS-device or accompanied by one of our instructors.(minimum age 10 years old - minimum 10 participants!)

It is possible to enjoy a party at The Shelter during your birthday party. The ideal party combination of adventurous activities and delicacies!

OPTION 1:Kickbike Trip + Party-Package

The party-package includes a variety of healthy, sweet and salty snacks, still and sparkling water and a pie or cake. The table and surroundings are decorated with decorations, streamers and balloons.

For the pie or cake you can choose from the following options:*

  • Chocolate cake 
  • Vanilla cake (nature) 
  • Apple pie 
  • Cherry pie  
  • Smurf pie 

* Mention the choice of pie/cake when making the reservation!

Extra drinks can be ordered at our bar and must be paid in cash, by Bancontact or Payconiq on the spot.

ATTENTION: Bringing your own drinks is not permitted!

OPTION 2: Kickbike Trip + Drinks

It is possible, in combination with an activity, to have your party take place at our location if you purchase the drinks from our bar.

We reserve a table (in- or outdoors) for the group.The drinks must be paid in cash, by Bancontact of Payconiq on the spot.

In combination with a drink from the cafe you can bring your own cake/pie and (cold) snacks. We don't allow elektric cooking equipment or other heating devices (like a gasfire). Only cold snacks like sandwiches or other are allowed on our location during a birthday party.

Note: Please forsee your own serving material (plates, cutlery, cake server, etc.)!

When can I plan this activity?

Groups from 10 kids:

On Wednesday at 14h or during weekends on Saturday at 10h or 14h*

During Summer holidays (1 July to 31 August) on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday at 10h or 14h*

We're closed on Mondays during Summer holidays.

*ATTENTION: this activity must be booked at least 48 hours in advance! 

Schedule with starting time 10h: 

10h - 12h30: Kickbiketrip

12h30 - 13h30: Party

13h30: End of party

Schedule with starting time 14h: 

14h - 16h30: Kickbiketrip

16h30 - 17h30: Party

1730: End of party


What does this activity cost?

OPTION 1A: Kickbiketrip with GPS-device + Party-Package

  • Groups from 10 children: € 23,00 per child

OPTION 1B: Kickbiketrip with guide + Party-Package 

  • Groups from 10 children: € 28,00 per child

- Maximum 30 participants for this activity -

*Extra drinks are not included + Adults are not included for Party-Package!

OPTION 2A: Kickbiketrip with GPS-device + Drink from bar (+ own snacks)

  • Groups from 10 children: € 16,00 per child + Price per drink (check menu café)

OPTION 2B: Kickbiketrip with guide + Drink from bar (+ own snacks)

  • Groups from 10 children: € 21,00 per child + Price per drink (check menu café

- Maximum 30 participants for this activity -

For birthday-parties we ask at least 1 adult per 10 children and at least 2 adults per group for the guidance during the activity. The two accompanying adults can participate for free. Extra participating adults pay the same price as the children. 

Practical information

What else do I need to know or bring for this activity?

Kickbike tour + Party

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