Do you have any questions about activities, facilities or other matters? Then take a look between the most frequently asked questions!

General questions activities

Do I have to make a reservation beforehand and how do I do this?

During the weekend it is possible to sign up for a departure without making a reservation beforehand. We have a set departure time schedule with departures at 10u, 13u, 16u.

During the week a reservation beforehand is necessary.

Attention, last minute reservation aren’t always possible. Its depends on which target group you belong to and what the corresponding possibilities are.

You can book a reservation using the reservation from.

Send us your application. As soon as we receive it, we will check if your activity is still possible/available and we will send you a confirmation email with the payment details. The moment we have send you the confirmation email your reservation has been made/is finalised

Last-minute reservation can be made by telephone/ by the phone.

Until when can I send in the amount of participants

The estimated amount of participants must be send in 14 days before the activity takes place.

The deposit is calculated upon the estimated amount of participants and needs to be paid within 7 days of making the reservation.

Can I register additional participants on the day of the activity?

It is possible to spontaneously register additional participant(s) on the day of the activity but we can not guarantee that there will also be availability for the extra/ additional participant(s). In order to guarantee a high quality service, we prepare our activities thoroughly. Meals are also calculated on the registered participants. If the amount of participants does change, please inform us as soon as possible.

Can I change my choice of activity 1day before or on the day of the activity?

It is not possible to change the activity on the day of or 1 day before. In order to guarantee a high quality service, we prepare our activities thoroughly.

What to do when the weather is bad.

Even when it is raining the activities continue.

Only when the weather is extremely bad , like heavy rainfall which can cause the waterlevel to rise too high (flood risk) or turbulent weather conditions such as thunderstorms can the activity be cancelled by us. In this case the activity will be postponed with a couple of minutes, hours or we will change the date.

We can only determine this on the day of the activity. We will of course do this in consultation with you. You can find more information in our terms and conditions.

Can I pay with card or visa?

We ask you to pay in cash when paying on the spot. We do not have a Bancontact or Visa. The nearest ATM is located in the village center of Oud-Heverlee, about 2 kilometers from The Shelter.

Am I insured in case of an accident?

By default you are not insured by the organization in the event of accidents. As an organization, we only have liability insurance. You can find more information about this in the general terms and conditions. Consult your own insurance for questions.

Accomodations and facilities

8. When are the bar and terrace open?

You can find more information on the page of the bar and terrace?

Can I have a meal in the bar/café?

During the weekend you can buy snacks in the bar like chips and ice cream. We also offer homemade soup of the  day with bread, a farmer sandwich met cheese or ham, mixed portion snacks and sweets.

Can you rent the room/hall for private parties or self organised activities?

We do not rent out our bar/room for personal activities or parties.

You can contact the following company with your question:

Ormendaal 9
3060 Korbeek-Dijle
Telefoon:016 20 01 22

Do you have showers?

At this moment we do not have showers but we are checking what we can o in the future. We do have dressing rooms(gentlemen and ladies) and toilets.

Do you rent out the terrains and grass fields?

No the terrains and grass field our not rented out.

Trips down the Dyle

Is it a canoe or a kayak?

We only offer trips down river with a canoe.  The most significant difference is that the pedal of a canoe only has one blade, in comparison with a pedal of a kayak which has two blades.

How many people can fit in a canoe?

For the trips down rive we have 3 person canoes and 10 person canoes.

The 3 person canoes are for maximum 3 adult or 4 kids per canoe. When combining kids and adult 4 people are allowed.

When going down river to the centre of Leuven we also use 3 person canoe but then we have a maximum of 2 adults per canoe or 3 kids. When combining kids and adults there is a maximum of 3 people per canoe.

The 10 person canoe are for maximum 10 people. The minimum amount of people is 6. There will always be a captain accompanying. He/she is not included in the maximum or minimum.

We fill the canoes per group as much as possible up to the maximum number of people allowed per canoe. (eg 6 people have 2 three-seater canoes / 7 people have 3 three-seater canoes with a distribution of 2x2 and 1x3

What is the minimum age that is allowed?

The minimum age depends on the vessel or route, but in most cases it is already possible to participate in a trip down river from the age of 6 years (with swimming experience!).

If a child under the age of 6 but can already swim, this must be passed on when booking.

Do you need to be able to swim?

We ask that anyone who wants to participate in a trip can swim. Everyone will receive a floating jacket before departure. A floating jacket is a floating aid that keeps you warm and gives protection. Attention, a floating jacket is not a life jacket

Is it obliged to wear a floating jacket?

A floating jacket is mandatory for the trips, both for children and adults.
A floating jacket is a floating aid, keeps you warm and gives protection. Attention, a floating jacket is not a life jacket!

Can I change my vessel on the day of the departure?

This depends on the available vessels at that time. You can discuss with the supervisors of The Shelter if any vessels are still available and change them if possible.

Do I have to return to The Shelter afterwards?

It is certainly not mandatory to return to The Shelter after departure. This of course depends on your choice for the return and whether you have left personal material behind. It is possible to return directly to your own destination after departure with your own transport.

Can you swim in the Dyle or the Demer?

It is possible, but we ask not to swim during an activity/trip but after. You can swim at the arrival point after you have returned the equipment of The Shelter safely to the instructors of The Shelter. The water is always deep enough and because the bottom has been cleaned many times the chances of getting hurt are small. You can also access the water easily thanks to the pier. For safety reasons, it is NOT possible to swim at the end points of the trip to Leuven or Wilsele.

Can you exit/leave the canoe during the trip?

It is not allowed to exit the canoe unto the riverbanks of the Dyle or the Demer. De Dyle is located in the middle of the nature reserve and on various private sites. This means that the banks are not accessible or private in most places Only at the places designated by us (with public piers/jetties) is it possible to disembark on the route (only in case of emergency!). This also applies to the Demer.

Can we take snacks with us during our trip.

It is allowed to take small snacks and drinks with you.

Alcoholic drinks or drinks in glass bottles are forbidden. Cans or plastic are allowed

Attention: getting out during the trip to picnic is forbidden! De Dyle is located in the middle of the nature reserve and on various private sites. This means that the banks are not accessible or private in most places. We recommend eating your picnic here at The Shelter or after the departure at the departure point. It is certainly possible to have your picnic and other things transported to the end point by one of our cars. Please take all your waste to the end point and throw it away in a waste bin!

Can I take my dog with me?

It is possible to take your dog with you during a canoe trip. This is at your own responsibility. We recommend not taking any big dogs with you in the canoe and no dogs that are afraid of water. You should mention when making a reservation if your bringing your dog. He can join for free.


Can my kid take part in a camp if he still has to turn the minimum age in the same year?

Your son or daughter can take part in the camp if he/she turns the minimum age the same year.

Do the Kids need to have their own mountain bike to take part in the MTB for kids kamp

Yes, the children have to bring their own mountain bike for this camp. You certainly do not have to sprint to the store to buy a new MTB, you can also rent it from different landlords. We only have mountain bikes for children larger than 1m50.

You can find more information about the camps here!

MTB Experience

Are these trainings of multiple days?

the Start to MTB is a training of 8 sessions in total. The MTB Track Challenge are multi-day weekends in the Netherlands and abroad. The other courses are always about a one-day training from 9 am to 5 pm.

More information can be found on the MTB Experience page!

Can kids take part aswell?

Children from 10 years can participate in the Start to MTB Kids. A training of 8 sessions spread over 8 weeks.
All other training courses are accessible from the age of 18.
Read all about it via our page of the MTB Experience!

Can we bring an electrical mountainbike?

Yes, you can bring an electrical mountainbike


What is a Kickbike?

A Kickbike is a large scooter/step with a large front wheel and a small rear wheel. At The Shelter, a Kickbike is used as a means of transport for return after departure or as a team activity for Birthday Parties, Companies & Schools.

Terms and conditions

Individual, friends, family & organisations + birthday parties
companies + Schools + Sports camps & youth movements
MTB Experience
Bike Hire

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