Canoe from Korbeek-Dyle to Leuven

General information

General information

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Dyle valley and discover the centre of Leuven, a chance to see the city in a unique way! The trip starts in Korbeek-Dijle and ends in the centre of Leuven, at the Dyle-terraces. 

START LOCATION: The Shelter, Stationsstraat 13, 3060 Korbeek-Dijle

END LOCATION: Dirk Boutslaan 58, 3000 Leuven (on the opposit side of the Minnepoort and the Conservatory)

Go down the Dyle with a 2-person canoe with a minimum of 2 people (in case of children, it's possible to be seated per 3 people). This trip is always with a guide on the water (from Heverlee to the centre). The trip takes about 2 hour and 30 minutes for a trip of 10 kilometers. (minimum age 6 years old but 8 years old is recommended)

How do I return after the trip?

Returning from Leuven to The Shelter is possible with your own transportation or public transportation. It's not obligatory to return to The Shelter.  It is possible to return directly to your own destination after arrival at the endpoint with your own transport.  

Own transportation:

It is possible to take your own transportation back to The Shelter or to return directly to your own destination after arrival at the endpoint.

Public transportation: 

It is possible to return by public transportation to The Shelter after the trip. The return can be done by train or bus. 

Train Ottignies: From Leuven station (20min on foot from the end location) to Oud-Heverlee station. The ride takes about 15 minutes. Afterwards you will have to walk 900m to The Shelter from Oud-Heverlee station. You can purchase your tickets beforehand or at the ticket booths in the station. More information on the website of NMBS.

Bus 395 with destination Hoeilaart: From the Dirk Boutslaan busstop (50 meters from the eindpoint) to the Kosterberg busstop in Korbeek-Dijle, takes approximately 25 minutes. Afterwards you will have to walk 500m to The Shelter from the busstop. Tickets can be purchased in advance or on the spot. More information on the website of De Lijn. 

When can I plan this activity?

From 2 people:

DYLE-DAY: On fixed dates it is possible to book the trip on the Dyle to the centre of the city from 2 people.  

Scheduled Dyle-days in 2024: 13/04, 11/05, 25/05, 15/06, 06/07, 20/07, 03/08, 17/08, 31/08, 14/09, 28/09, 12/10 


  • Departure 10am: Korbeek-Dijle - Leuven (+/- 2h30)
  • Departure 11.30pm: Heverlee - Leuven (+/- 1h) of Heverlee - Wilsele (+/- 2h)

From 10 people:

During the season during weekends or week with starting hour of your choosing with the condition that it's possible in our planning (tailor-made booking)*

* ATTENTION: This activity must always be reserved at least 24 hours in advance!


What does this activity cost?

Trip by canoe from Korbeek-Dijle to Leuven: 

  • Price on Dyle-day: € 32,00 per person
  • Group from 10 people: € 32,00 per person

More information about other trips on Dijle-Day? 

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Practical information

What else do I need to know or bring for this activity?

Canoe from Korbeek-Dyle to Leuven

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