General terms and conditions and Rental conditions - MTB hire


During your request we take your reservation as an option and we provide you with the necessary additional information for the reservation and payment details. The reservation is only valid after receipt of the requested payment.

The payment of the advance to our bank account must be made at the latest 7 days after request for reservation. The balance must be paid no later than 7 days before the start of the activity. Previous payment conditions are valid unless otherwise communicated upon reservation.

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Our prices include, depending on the chosen formula, the guidance, the use of the grounds and accommodation, the special materials, the administration, the organization and the VAT included. Transport, insurance and meals are not included in the price unless stated otherwise.


Full cancellation of your reservation is only possible up to 14 days before the start of the activity.

If the entire reservation is canceled less than 14 days before the start of the activity, 50% of the amount will be refunded. If you cancel in full less than 7 days in advance, you will not receive a refund.

This list is not exhaustive and serves to compensate for the costs and loss of profit incurred by us.

You can also be replaced by someone else, then these cancellation conditions do not apply.


If the activity is canceled due to force majeure, safety reasons or extremely bad weather conditions, a different date will be chosen in consultation with the participants. A-WORX NV / The Shelter also reserves the right to change the activity on the day of execution for the above reasons and even to cancel it in whole or in part, and this without the customer being entitled to a price reduction or compensation.


- Civil liability:

A-WORX NV / The Shelter is insured for its civil liability as organizer, sports monitor and lessor of equipment. The possible liability of A-WORX NV / The Shelter is always limited to the cover provided for in the civil liability insurance it has taken out. The civil liability between the participants themselves is not covered.

- Personal accidents:

This insurance is at the expense of the participants themselves.


Both A-WORX NV / The Shelter and all their supervisors and employees cannot be held liable under any circumstances for physical and / or mental injury, material damage, theft or loss caused to participants by participants or third parties, incurred during or after participation in our activities.

Nor can they be held liable for non-compliance by participants with the safety instructions and instructions given by us. The aforementioned agreements also apply to services provided by intermediaries to the extent that this responsibility is not regulated otherwise by law.

All material provided by us for the activity and damaged or lost due to the actions of the participants will be charged by us to the participants.

All physical inconveniences (illness, disability, allergy, etc.) that may have an influence on the exercise of the chosen activities or sports must be reported in writing in advance.

If you have chosen an activity in, on or around the water and you cannot swim, you must inform us of this in writing in advance.

If in the event of a claim or accident it appears that the participant is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or heavy medication, then this participant is solely and exclusively liable for the damage and / or the accident and all consequences associated with it.

Minor participants (<18) may only participate in the activity with written permission from parent, guardian, or appointed supervisor.

During our activities we will motivate and encourage the participant to try new things.

Participants are not obliged to carry out or exceed exercises / obstacles that they believe are impossible to take. If you do not want to perform certain exercises, just let us know.


Everyone who participates in our activities must have the necessary respect for nature, our environment and all residents. Participants who do not respect this rule can be refused by us.


All participants undertake to follow the rules and guidelines of our organization and its supervisors.

Participants can be excluded in the event of serious violations of our agreements by our organization or supervisors, without being able to claim any form of compensation.

Minors must be accompanied by a minimum of 1 adult companion.

Participants give unconditional and exclusive permission for the use of photos or videos taken during the activities organized by A-WORX NV / The Shelter including any form of multiplication, distribution and / or display thereof both in printed and digital form, as well as the use in publications, advertisements and the website of A-WORX NV / The Shelter and its partners. All rights arising from this cooperation, including any copyrights, are fully transferred to A-WORX NV / The Shelter.


All disputes between A-WORX NV / The Shelter and our customers fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Leuven. Only Belgian law applies.


  • The rented goods may only be used in accordance with their normal purpose and by the users specified in the contract.
  • The goods must be returned clean and intact to the landlord's address in the condition in which they were received. (Check the condition yourself before you leave!)
  • The user must take care of the goods as a good family man / mother. For example, the user must take all precautionary measures against damage, loss or theft.
  • Any damage, defects or wear must be reported to us by the user.
  • The user is liable for damage to or loss of the goods or parts thereof.
  • The goods are not insured for damage or theft.
  • The user is at all times responsible for the welfare of the goods and for himself during the rental period.
  • The goods may not be used on route by casual passers-by. Refer interested people to the website of The Shelter.
  • The user must always wear a good helmet.
  • The goods must be returned at the time agreed in the contract.

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