Barn and Hanger

The Hall/Room is located in the big barn of The Shelter. The Room has a wooden floor and an roof with an wooden skeleton/ Open wooden trusses in the roof. Which gives the room an authentic feel. In the back of the room is the counter designed as a wooden vikingship.

During the weekend the room is used as the bar and terrace of The Shelter. You can find more information here.

During the week the room is used for meetings of companies and to serve meals after activities organised by The Shelter. Find more information about our activities here.

The hanger is located next to the barn and is mostly used as a storage space for our materials for activities but can provide shelter during bas weather.

During big activities or different activities the hanger can also be used for activities or to serve meals. An ideal and cosy shelter to converse/talk with the group and while having a view of the Dyle.

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